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Five Things

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Mar. 30th, 2008 | 04:54 pm

So I did my first drabble for the Twilight fandom community fridaydrabble.
The prompt was "Five Things", so I decided to do Five Things You Didn't Know About Bella Swan Cullen
It was weird to write because I am a staunch Bella/Edward shipper. But this is a Jacob/Bella drabble. I was feeling rather angsty at the moment or something, I guess ;)

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bella Swan Cullen

1. She thought she wouldn’t miss Jacob. Well, that’s not entirely true; she knew that she would miss him, just not in this aching way that she feels now. She deluded herself into thinking that Edward would take the pain away, that he would make her feel whole. But you can’t live without the sun, and Bella has been in the dark for far too long.


2. Walking down that aisle was the most painful thing she ever did. Getting turned didn’t even compare. Half-way there she considered doing an about-face and running out the church, but then she felt Alice’s eyes on her and knew that the doors would be closed before she could even blink. So she kept walking. Her pace didn’t even falter at all.


3. When Edward lowered his lips onto hers – her first kiss as a married woman – it wasn’t Edward she saw behind her lidded eyes. Instead, Jacob’s face bloomed before her, caught in that smile that wasn’t Sam’s Jacob or ‘her’ Jacob. It was just… Jacob, pure and bright like the sun.


4. When she traipsed back down the aisle, tears started to fall. These tears weren’t tears of happiness, but she certainly wasn’t going to correct everyone else who thought so. Only Jasper looked at her with troubled eyes. Only he could know how she actually felt. He tried to talk to her, but every time he came near, she immediately began talking to someone else, a fake smile plastered on her face.


5. She likes to pretend Edward doesn’t know. That he doesn’t realize when they kiss and make love, it isn’t him she’s thinking about. That when she couldn’t resist and once killed a wolf, she didn’t sob for days and days afterwards. And that even now, centuries later, she doesn’t wish she could turn back the wheels of time…

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